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Please, all of you, promise me something.

If ever you call a helpdesk and they tell you you made a mistake or the reason it's not working is because of something you did?
Don't automatically snap and yell that's impossible, you did everything correctly.

We see shit you don't. We see server logs, we know what the ongoing technical issues are and aren't. Most of the time we tell you "must have been a server hiccup", we're just placating you.

Yes, some helpdesks are incompetent assholes. It happens, but please, for the love of my sanity, don't just assume we must be lying. We don't mess up the system just to fuck with you. We don't care enough.
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I am not usually involved in social justice cases.

I am, as with most everything on the internet and even in my offline activities, perfectly content to sit on the edges and watch people talk and be busy. I will, occasionally put in my two cents but mostly where no one can see this. Part of this is because engaging in these discussions takes a lot of energy which I just don’t have, the other part is because I have a hard time expressing myself in writing as well as the fact that I get shy. I convince myself no one cares what I think and then don’t voice it at all.
But that is a different matter, for a different post and not what I want to address right now.

Last night, I made the mistake of voicing an opinion.

And then there was drama )

Tl;dr? Matthew Inman is an asshole and the internet is mean.

As a last note, just in case: I am only voicing my opinion here. I do not claim to speak for any group and I do not claim any affiliation with any groups. I cannot even claim to speak for shanaqui here, for all that she did proof it. All I am is a queer person who was bothered by an offhand joke and who got bullied into silence. Or not so much.
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Written for the Wales FONSFAQ for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw

I will start this post by stating that I am not Welsh. Well, perhaps by proxy, given that [personal profile] shanaqui is, but that's it.
Still, I have a fondness for the country and I have always enjoyed myself immensely when I am there, so this and my love of food and baking, had me saying yes when I was asked to write this post.

Welsh cakes are, in essence, much like scones (Beware: image heavy) )
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This was supposed to be a post with pictures from my flat (especially since I even tidied yesterday!) but my camera batteries were dead and I have no spares, so I will have to disappoint all of you.
Still, the flat is coming along nicely. It's now tidy and all the boxes are empty except for the ones with books I'm getting rid of. I'm even getting on a bit with decorating. I'm making paper flowers out of old magazines and by glueing them onto wire, I can put them in a vase. It's fun and keeps me busy while I'm doing other things. I'm also making paper stars and stringing them onto thread so I can make a sort of bead curtain to cover up my curtain- and doorless pantry but it's a lot of work since I really underestimated the number of stars I'd have to make. Still, it's something to do.
Now if only I knew what to do about my bare walls. I'm not allowed to paint and I want something classy without putting up some cliche poster.
I also have internet! Which took long enough (and I'm still updating from work!) but it means my evenings are slightly less maddening for loneliness.

In other news, apparently I am a scary person.
This is really all I conclude from the fact that people refuse to talk to me when I'm doing something that bothers them.
So let's just make this very clear: if I am doing something that annoys the shit out of you or that pisses you off or you think I'm being an ass and I should knock that off?

It's possible that I will tell you no, but I might also say yes and apologise and stop it. I am not an ogre (but I might be an onion). I am actually a nice person.
Going to tattle to my girlfriend, however? Will not help. At all. Ever. I will be more likely to laugh because you're behaving like a child. If she disagrees with me on something, she'll tell me. If she thinks I did something wrong, she'll tell me. But she is not my mother, nor my keeper.
I repeat, if you have a problem, just talk to me. Reply to me on twitter, leave a comment here on DW or on the corresponding LJ, send me an email (ehlyah at gmail), talk to me on msn (blast_that_bunny at hotmail) or aim (paraparapom). I am plenty reachable and I do not actually bite, I'm even mostly an idiot. :)

Work is still nice, permanent contract and job security are lovely things.
On the crap side, we're now doing some interteam competition and it is going to ruin our lives. Basically, by fulfilling certain criteria (being on time, being under 6 minutes in average call duration, getting good points in your evaluations, etc), you can gain points. If you don't quite fulfill a criteria, you'll get slightly less points, if you're not too great at it, even less and so on till you get 0. All the points in a team are made into an average and basically, the best team after ten weeks will get some mysterious reward.
After one week, lists with people's individual scores are already circulating and people with low scores are being eyed for it. Competition between teams is also starting to rise.
I hate it. I really do. It's so damn pointless.
And all this because corporate decided to introduce a performance culture. I knew it'd end badly.
Now to live through nine more weeks of this crap.

In the mean time I wish I could punch the client I'm talking to right now. Fucking condescending douche. I know how to solve your problem with the software, you don't, so fucking LISTEN TO ME and DO AS I SAY. Questioning my motives or what I'm doing will only tick me off. D:
Good thing I'm done in fifteen minutes. x_x
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I am making this post so that I will finally just get over myself and post. Too much shit has happened since my last one for me to be able to write something more put together. So! Obviously I need bulletpoints!

  • The videogame job I mentioned last time didn't pan out and they hired internally after asking me a bunch of sexist questions on the interview

  • But that's okay because I got a different job! Tech support for a place I'm not allowed to mention because I'd be at risk of getting sued if they consider what I say to be bad advertising.

  • I actually just got my indefinite contract. Not sure whether this cancels out the last month of my trial period, but at least it means a steady job!

  • I'm first line tech support and I get paid more than I did as a teacher. Less days off though. But no work to take home!

  • Steady job also means money also means a place of my own. That's to say I moved out three weeks ago and while I'm still not unpacked since I got sick and such, I am enjoying so much independence.

  • Not enjoying the lack of internet, though. My modem still hasn't been delivered and I should call the guy on Monday to see how that's going.

  • Right now I am with [personal profile] shanaqui in Cardiff and we are having a lovely time even if she is sick and requires copious amounts of chicken cup-a-soup.

  • Things that haven't changed: too much knitting, too many movies, too many shows. :D

  • Slightly changed is the too much food. Seriously have cut out snacks and limited myself to more reasonable portions than I did before. :3 It's a start. When I'm not surrounded by boxes anymore, there might also be yoga.

  • I can post regularly, I can, I can. Oh who am I kidding. <3
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Perhaps it's for lack of anything better to do (though I did get an interview this week, more on that below), but I keep finding myself planning things I want to do when I live alone.
Some of them, I can do as soon as I've moved out of my parents' house, some might have to wait until I'm in a more permanent place. Living alone here is still only a pitstop before I move to the UK. The only thing they have in common is that they do require some independence.

Napkins, for example.
napkins, cars and gardening )

In knitting news: socks, socks, socks. On my third pair, might finish these tonight.

As for that job interview: I applied for a shop clerk job in a videogame store and they called back yesterday morning about an interview that same night. Super! Awesome! I'm in want of a job so minor stuff like short notice is not an issue. Other people apparently don't have that same attitude and I got another call a little later, saying the interview will now be on Saturday next week, since not enough people could make it yesterday.
If I were the one hiring, they wouldn't have needed to bother coming back, but I'm not, so there's nothing I can do but wait for a confirmation call and, at the interview, subtly point out that I would have been there. Fingers crossed, anyway.

And to prove again that I am not all green and hippie (I don't trust hippies, they tend to be vegan), my materialistic side is in shambles and tears upon finding out just how much a kitchen aid stand mixer costs.
Owwwww. That's not going to be in my budget for ages. I think I'll refrain from looking up how much a proper sewing machine costs.
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It's weird.
I've never liked running. I still don't like running, but somehow it feels less horrible, lately. I don't think I'll ever be very enthusiastic about going running; it hurts, I hate getting all hot and sweaty (the main reason I hate summer). But on the other hand, while I am reluctant, I do see the good it's doing me good.
I've lost 2kg and I'll be losing more soon enough. I like this a lot.

In the mean time, I'm still jobhunting and each conversation I have about it with my mum makes me want to talk about it less and less.

So, in order to keep busy, I've been watching tons and tons of movies and, in nerdier achievements, I'm learning to touchtype on a Dvorak keyboard. It's slow going (I'm typing about as fast as my grandfather does), but it keeps me busy.
And of course, there's still knitting. I've finished two pairs of socks and I'm about to start a third pair (though I had to rip out half a sock that was turning out too small for it). I should really learn to knit two socks at the same time.

So yeah, my life is really boring right now.

I think I need a new moodtheme.

Go me

May. 3rd, 2010 01:45 am
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Finally got some proper icons up on this journal. :D Only took me a bloody age.
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Since I believe everyone should know:

More LJ fail.



Mar. 30th, 2010 08:52 am
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There is something I do not get about American television.

Well no, scratch that. There are many things I don't understand about American television, most of them related to sex, violence and homophobia, but that's not what I want to talk about.

What I don't get and what's bothering me right now is the always ill-timed, ever frustrating concept of The Hiatus.

Around here, when a new show comes on tv, the show comes on tv. It is aired at a regular pace, on the same day every week and at the same time on that day, every single time. There are exceptions, yes. The Olympics shuffled things around a little, there was once a dramatic shooting that caused some programs to flip, but barring that it's the same thing every week.

Take The Big Bang Theory, for one. It aired two episodes a week. Monday at 8.40PM and at 9PM. Every Monday. And then the season was over and scheduling changed. I think we're now getting repeats of this show every weekday. But hey, that works for me, I missed a couple episodes.

Now since I follow a few shows in the US that aren't airing here yet and might never be aired in a way that pleases me (SPN is on at 4AM. No, seriously. 4AM), I'm noticing the oddest thing.
Scheduling? Is shot to hell.
This week, I can only watch Chuck and, I think, I hope Supernatural. Last week, I got to watch How I met your mother, Chuck and Supernatural. Week before that, I think it was Chuck and How I met your mother. Maybe not. Maybe House, too.

Shows air and then they don't. Except they do. But then they don't. Supernatural was off air for over two months after only ten episodes. That's not half a season. And when they came back, it was only for four episodes, before going off the air for another month. And yet everyone I know seems fine with this!
How I met your mother is on one week, then not, then back, then not, and so on. As is House. I think the only consistent show I watch is Chuck, but even that skipped for the Olympics and it looks like it's having a three week break in April.

So my question is, well, why?

Why are tv channels doing this?
Why are people putting up with it?
(Okay, yeah, I know, you have no choice. Just like you have no choice in putting up with the ridiculous amount of ads you get. Or your lack of naked ladies to announce the ads. Remind me to tell you about the Canadian guy who came to stay at our house, sometime.)

They did it here once.
They showed Lost season 2 and then they didn't. It went on hiatus for what felt like an age. Result? People stopped watching. I don't think I know more than two or three people who kept watching after they pulled that stunt on us.
I don't think they've done it since.

So shows don't get aired, viewers drop like flies or people just tivo shows to watch them later. No wonder good shows get cancelled.
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Need to clean the driveway (with bleach, hurrah) soon, but it needs to stop raining first, so have a meme.

1. If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question.
2. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

View it as part of those intro things that are going around )
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Dear self,

When you lick lemon flavoured syrup from a fork which was just dipped into a hot pan full of said syrup, YOU ARE GOING TO BURN YOUR TONGUE.

You're dumb.
No whining allowed.
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It's times like THIS I'm happy I skipped over to Dreamwidth.

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To put it in just a few words: I've grown tired of livejournal.

In more words:
There's plenty to talk about and I do frequently have the urge to post this or that, but I can never be bothered to actually do so. I barely comment, I rarely (or never, even) post in communities.
I do read my friendslist, don't misunderstand me.
But because I do enjoy keeping a journal and having at least some sense of community, I'm going for a fresh start.

In other words? I'm moving to dreamwidth.
[personal profile] feywood
I will, for now, be crossposting everything posted here to livejournal, but should it happen that I move to DW completely, I'm going to stop that too. Mind, a way is coming to read your LJ flist on DW, so I can't say for sure how things will work out.
In light of a real fresh start (which you just know is true because I have the same username), I'm not going to import my LJ to DW either. It'll still be here on LJ, so it won't be lost, but I have no particular attachment to ramblings from seven years ago. I'm not that person anymore. Thank god for that.

I'm also moving my review journal [livejournal.com profile] bazookamirror there, though it never saw much action here. I will not be crossposting. This in an effort to provide DW with unique content.

So basically, nothing changes for you lot.
Carry on.


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