feywood: Merlin in the woods ((Merlin) big world)

As I lay here six feet down

My body buried under ground

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Birthdate:Dec 26

Lisa - Ehlyah - Grace | 27 | A little special

Weapon of mass distraction ‡ Sci-fi dork ‡ Gamer ‡ Book lover

Loves: Nikki, reading, gaming (PS2, DS, XBOX 360), IRC, being a spazz, cacti, manga, knitting, crochet, programming, lollipops, photoshop, internet musicals, bunnies

Hates: backstabbers, hypocrites, idiots, cliques, internet explorer, SQL, close minded people, fashionistas, whoever thinks knitting is for old people, yesmen, empty people, Seeker: The Dark is Rising

Me, I'm: graduated as a teacher but not motivated to be one, a lesbian, happily engaged, convinced I'm awesome, decorated with 11 earrings, too lazy to bother with being pretty, occasionally prone to deep thoughts, but not too often, fickle, easily distra-

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