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I don't post a lot, we all know it. I think half my posts are dedicated to mentioning that I don't post a lot.
So I'll change that.

Basically what's going to happen is I'm going to try write 100 posts about a certain topic I love. They won't all be the same, there will be pictures and things and while I know I won't post every day, it should at least make me post more regularly and, hopefully, more interestingly.

The topic?

I love cooking, I love eating, I love thinking about and contemplating food. I like making shopping lists and I love doing groceries (if there just weren't as many other people in the store at the same time).
So it'll be all about me cooking, shopping, telling you all about the tasty thing I had/saw/smelled, etc. I have all the opinions.

You are, of course, all welcome to comment, reply, tell me off or share your own views and stories. I'd actually be super happy if you did, but don't see this in any way as an obligation.

Food is love.
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I am not usually involved in social justice cases.

I am, as with most everything on the internet and even in my offline activities, perfectly content to sit on the edges and watch people talk and be busy. I will, occasionally put in my two cents but mostly where no one can see this. Part of this is because engaging in these discussions takes a lot of energy which I just don’t have, the other part is because I have a hard time expressing myself in writing as well as the fact that I get shy. I convince myself no one cares what I think and then don’t voice it at all.
But that is a different matter, for a different post and not what I want to address right now.

Last night, I made the mistake of voicing an opinion.

And then there was drama )

Tl;dr? Matthew Inman is an asshole and the internet is mean.

As a last note, just in case: I am only voicing my opinion here. I do not claim to speak for any group and I do not claim any affiliation with any groups. I cannot even claim to speak for shanaqui here, for all that she did proof it. All I am is a queer person who was bothered by an offhand joke and who got bullied into silence. Or not so much.
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Written for the Wales FONSFAQ for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw

I will start this post by stating that I am not Welsh. Well, perhaps by proxy, given that [personal profile] shanaqui is, but that's it.
Still, I have a fondness for the country and I have always enjoyed myself immensely when I am there, so this and my love of food and baking, had me saying yes when I was asked to write this post.

Welsh cakes are, in essence, much like scones (Beware: image heavy) )
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I am making this post so that I will finally just get over myself and post. Too much shit has happened since my last one for me to be able to write something more put together. So! Obviously I need bulletpoints!

  • The videogame job I mentioned last time didn't pan out and they hired internally after asking me a bunch of sexist questions on the interview

  • But that's okay because I got a different job! Tech support for a place I'm not allowed to mention because I'd be at risk of getting sued if they consider what I say to be bad advertising.

  • I actually just got my indefinite contract. Not sure whether this cancels out the last month of my trial period, but at least it means a steady job!

  • I'm first line tech support and I get paid more than I did as a teacher. Less days off though. But no work to take home!

  • Steady job also means money also means a place of my own. That's to say I moved out three weeks ago and while I'm still not unpacked since I got sick and such, I am enjoying so much independence.

  • Not enjoying the lack of internet, though. My modem still hasn't been delivered and I should call the guy on Monday to see how that's going.

  • Right now I am with [personal profile] shanaqui in Cardiff and we are having a lovely time even if she is sick and requires copious amounts of chicken cup-a-soup.

  • Things that haven't changed: too much knitting, too many movies, too many shows. :D

  • Slightly changed is the too much food. Seriously have cut out snacks and limited myself to more reasonable portions than I did before. :3 It's a start. When I'm not surrounded by boxes anymore, there might also be yoga.

  • I can post regularly, I can, I can. Oh who am I kidding. <3
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To put it in just a few words: I've grown tired of livejournal.

In more words:
There's plenty to talk about and I do frequently have the urge to post this or that, but I can never be bothered to actually do so. I barely comment, I rarely (or never, even) post in communities.
I do read my friendslist, don't misunderstand me.
But because I do enjoy keeping a journal and having at least some sense of community, I'm going for a fresh start.

In other words? I'm moving to dreamwidth.
[personal profile] feywood
I will, for now, be crossposting everything posted here to livejournal, but should it happen that I move to DW completely, I'm going to stop that too. Mind, a way is coming to read your LJ flist on DW, so I can't say for sure how things will work out.
In light of a real fresh start (which you just know is true because I have the same username), I'm not going to import my LJ to DW either. It'll still be here on LJ, so it won't be lost, but I have no particular attachment to ramblings from seven years ago. I'm not that person anymore. Thank god for that.

I'm also moving my review journal [livejournal.com profile] bazookamirror there, though it never saw much action here. I will not be crossposting. This in an effort to provide DW with unique content.

So basically, nothing changes for you lot.
Carry on.


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