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Perhaps it's for lack of anything better to do (though I did get an interview this week, more on that below), but I keep finding myself planning things I want to do when I live alone.
Some of them, I can do as soon as I've moved out of my parents' house, some might have to wait until I'm in a more permanent place. Living alone here is still only a pitstop before I move to the UK. The only thing they have in common is that they do require some independence.

Napkins, for example.
napkins, cars and gardening )

In knitting news: socks, socks, socks. On my third pair, might finish these tonight.

As for that job interview: I applied for a shop clerk job in a videogame store and they called back yesterday morning about an interview that same night. Super! Awesome! I'm in want of a job so minor stuff like short notice is not an issue. Other people apparently don't have that same attitude and I got another call a little later, saying the interview will now be on Saturday next week, since not enough people could make it yesterday.
If I were the one hiring, they wouldn't have needed to bother coming back, but I'm not, so there's nothing I can do but wait for a confirmation call and, at the interview, subtly point out that I would have been there. Fingers crossed, anyway.

And to prove again that I am not all green and hippie (I don't trust hippies, they tend to be vegan), my materialistic side is in shambles and tears upon finding out just how much a kitchen aid stand mixer costs.
Owwwww. That's not going to be in my budget for ages. I think I'll refrain from looking up how much a proper sewing machine costs.


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