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I'm aliiiiive
Depression is a cruel mistress so I've spent a lot of time eating tinned and microwaved meals, but I'm back and at it again.

I realise kidney isn't for everyone, but what you need to know is you're wrong and it's delicious.

kidney and mushrooms in red wine sauce )

Oh boy

Feb. 18th, 2012 11:07 pm
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Apparently it takes me being more than a bit tipsy to get me to post, soooo here we go.

Had dinner out with my family today. Parents, brother, his girlfriend.
Topic to avoid: brother's lost his job (didn't find this out till I was walking back to the train station with the parents). It's really too bad, he liked his job. It was probably because he'd been sick two weeks in two months, which really isn't his habit, but they apparently didn't realise that.
Anyway, the dinner was so lovely. There was a lot of alcohol, which explains my current state. But oh god the food. North sea shrimp with potato crisp, potato puree, buttermilk foam and cherry beer sauce. Veal sweetbreads with fennel in a duvel (beer) sauce, spring lamb with celery in a different beer sauce and a chocolate and cherry candies dessert. With wine. Lots of wine. Also cava. Such nice wine.
My tummy is the happiest right now.

Jobwise all is going well. Promotion is in sight and I'm in a probation period right now (till July). Lots of work, but I enjoy because it's not just taking calls like I've been doing for the past years. There's translation work, stuff that challenges my technical side, I get to send team-wide mails to remind them of procedures, I get to train new people... It all shows they trust me and have confidence in me, which is amazing and is doing me a world of good. I love it, really.

On the other hand, the question remains of how long I'll still be there. I'm really pushing myself (past depression, past listlessness, past whatnot) into getting my driving license and once I have this, I really need to, want to start looking for jobs in/near Cardiff. I want to move. I need to move.
In that same light, Nikki and I are getting married soon. Soon being a relative term, but... We are, if everything goes according to plan, going to request to register when I'm there in March and then actually get married in August. There are no words to describe how excited I am. We've been together for 7.5 years, I love her more than anything. It's time. This is, above anything else, what I want to do.
We're probably not going to invite many people, if any at all. We both see getting married (well, civil partnered, thank you UK) as an intensely private thing and we're going to treat it as such. We can't realistically afford a big party anyway.

This is my life, it is awesome. Except for the depression, but that'll go away.
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I'm spending a long weekend at my parents (and typing this on their qwerty keyboarded laptop, so typing is frustrating and slow) and it feels very odd. On the one hand, it definitely isn't like when I lived here and I'm not expected to do chores, on the other hand, I feel much more willing to do them (even the ones I don't do at home).
Most peculiar.

Spent Christmas eve here with parents, brother and his girlfriend. Foie gras, fondue and pictionary. And a massive amount of sex and cock jokes. Oh my. Also a lot of wine, this may have had something to do with it.
My brother turned out to know me quite well, present wise. He got me all of little britain and a book of cute amigurumi patterns. It's so fucking adorable. Then again, I did score massive points by getting him the magnetic thinking putty. I don't think he's let go of it yet. Don't know if I'm ever going to top that.

Christmas was... difficult. Large family party at my uncle's, too many people. My social battery was drained in a good two hours. I tried to keep it nice and polite and didn't resort to whining at mum about going home, but it was all I could do not to be running away from the table all the time to go and hide.
On the other hand, the food was amazing. Om nom nom bambi.

And now I've slept a lovely sleep, mum's off to work and dad has made croissants from scratch. Then lunch with leftovers (smoked eel on red beet/apple puree! raw tuna with raw courgette and ginger mayonaise! parsnip soup!) and then I go home again for a few more days off to very quietly celebrate my birthday. Good times.
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Written for the Wales FONSFAQ for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw

I will start this post by stating that I am not Welsh. Well, perhaps by proxy, given that [personal profile] shanaqui is, but that's it.
Still, I have a fondness for the country and I have always enjoyed myself immensely when I am there, so this and my love of food and baking, had me saying yes when I was asked to write this post.

Welsh cakes are, in essence, much like scones (Beware: image heavy) )


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