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To put it in just a few words: I've grown tired of livejournal.

In more words:
There's plenty to talk about and I do frequently have the urge to post this or that, but I can never be bothered to actually do so. I barely comment, I rarely (or never, even) post in communities.
I do read my friendslist, don't misunderstand me.
But because I do enjoy keeping a journal and having at least some sense of community, I'm going for a fresh start.

In other words? I'm moving to dreamwidth.
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I will, for now, be crossposting everything posted here to livejournal, but should it happen that I move to DW completely, I'm going to stop that too. Mind, a way is coming to read your LJ flist on DW, so I can't say for sure how things will work out.
In light of a real fresh start (which you just know is true because I have the same username), I'm not going to import my LJ to DW either. It'll still be here on LJ, so it won't be lost, but I have no particular attachment to ramblings from seven years ago. I'm not that person anymore. Thank god for that.

I'm also moving my review journal [livejournal.com profile] bazookamirror there, though it never saw much action here. I will not be crossposting. This in an effort to provide DW with unique content.

So basically, nothing changes for you lot.
Carry on.


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