Sep. 9th, 2016 10:29 am
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I've been thinking a lot about getting bag into blogging. A means of venting, keep a trace of my life, don't know, want to give it a try again. I mean, it's only been two years, right?

Where am I in my life right now?
- married (yes, to [personal profile] shanaqui )
- not in customer support anymore, now doing internal tech support. I liked it, I put up with it, I hate it
- second year of a degree in software dev
- medicated

That's all there is to it, really.
I've been on the meds for a while now and it has really helped. My brain's more stable, I'm much less agressive, more able to be social when it's required of me.
Classes are a joy (even if night classes on top of work wear me out like nobody's business) and it's nice to occasionally be reminded that maybe I'm not entirely as dumb as I sometimes feel.
Work is horrible (has it ever not been), but I'm soon changing to a test engineer function, so that a. takes me entirely out of support and I won't have to plug people vga cables in anymore and b. might actually be interesting and I'll learn some stuff. It's not all sunshine, there's more people side things that I'm not a fan of, but it's a step up, no doubt.

Being married is lovely, it's been a whole month already and it's still amazing. I get to have a nikki around all the time now and that is the best, no kidding. A nikki and a bunny and it's all good.

More soon, yes.
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I am supposed to be getting ready for bed and my back is killing me, but this is what I'm up to right now.

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Let us bulletpoint!

  • Work: still probationing for senior position, etc, etc, all still good

  • The wedding is off. Not because we split up but because of bureaucracy nightmares. It's okay

  • I've taken up embroidery. It's fun. Slightly maddening. Good times

  • Was on citalopram, then came off it. It did nothing for my depression and killed my libido. Feeling good right now anyway so it's all fine

  • Currently off sick for a couple days on account of bad back pain. Doctor said possible slipped disc. Not sure. There might be physical therapy in my future

  • I'm watching Dark Angel. Basically I sit here salivating over Michael Weatherly and ickle Jensen Ackles

  • I totally unfucked my flat. Mostly because my landlord would be coming over, but it's as good a reason as any. I think it's part of the reason I feel okay right now

  • Have discovered [ profile] unfuckyourhabitat. It's awesome

  • I'm still not getting a tumblr

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I am making this post so that I will finally just get over myself and post. Too much shit has happened since my last one for me to be able to write something more put together. So! Obviously I need bulletpoints!

  • The videogame job I mentioned last time didn't pan out and they hired internally after asking me a bunch of sexist questions on the interview

  • But that's okay because I got a different job! Tech support for a place I'm not allowed to mention because I'd be at risk of getting sued if they consider what I say to be bad advertising.

  • I actually just got my indefinite contract. Not sure whether this cancels out the last month of my trial period, but at least it means a steady job!

  • I'm first line tech support and I get paid more than I did as a teacher. Less days off though. But no work to take home!

  • Steady job also means money also means a place of my own. That's to say I moved out three weeks ago and while I'm still not unpacked since I got sick and such, I am enjoying so much independence.

  • Not enjoying the lack of internet, though. My modem still hasn't been delivered and I should call the guy on Monday to see how that's going.

  • Right now I am with [personal profile] shanaqui in Cardiff and we are having a lovely time even if she is sick and requires copious amounts of chicken cup-a-soup.

  • Things that haven't changed: too much knitting, too many movies, too many shows. :D

  • Slightly changed is the too much food. Seriously have cut out snacks and limited myself to more reasonable portions than I did before. :3 It's a start. When I'm not surrounded by boxes anymore, there might also be yoga.

  • I can post regularly, I can, I can. Oh who am I kidding. <3
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Perhaps it's for lack of anything better to do (though I did get an interview this week, more on that below), but I keep finding myself planning things I want to do when I live alone.
Some of them, I can do as soon as I've moved out of my parents' house, some might have to wait until I'm in a more permanent place. Living alone here is still only a pitstop before I move to the UK. The only thing they have in common is that they do require some independence.

Napkins, for example.
napkins, cars and gardening )

In knitting news: socks, socks, socks. On my third pair, might finish these tonight.

As for that job interview: I applied for a shop clerk job in a videogame store and they called back yesterday morning about an interview that same night. Super! Awesome! I'm in want of a job so minor stuff like short notice is not an issue. Other people apparently don't have that same attitude and I got another call a little later, saying the interview will now be on Saturday next week, since not enough people could make it yesterday.
If I were the one hiring, they wouldn't have needed to bother coming back, but I'm not, so there's nothing I can do but wait for a confirmation call and, at the interview, subtly point out that I would have been there. Fingers crossed, anyway.

And to prove again that I am not all green and hippie (I don't trust hippies, they tend to be vegan), my materialistic side is in shambles and tears upon finding out just how much a kitchen aid stand mixer costs.
Owwwww. That's not going to be in my budget for ages. I think I'll refrain from looking up how much a proper sewing machine costs.
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It's weird.
I've never liked running. I still don't like running, but somehow it feels less horrible, lately. I don't think I'll ever be very enthusiastic about going running; it hurts, I hate getting all hot and sweaty (the main reason I hate summer). But on the other hand, while I am reluctant, I do see the good it's doing me good.
I've lost 2kg and I'll be losing more soon enough. I like this a lot.

In the mean time, I'm still jobhunting and each conversation I have about it with my mum makes me want to talk about it less and less.

So, in order to keep busy, I've been watching tons and tons of movies and, in nerdier achievements, I'm learning to touchtype on a Dvorak keyboard. It's slow going (I'm typing about as fast as my grandfather does), but it keeps me busy.
And of course, there's still knitting. I've finished two pairs of socks and I'm about to start a third pair (though I had to rip out half a sock that was turning out too small for it). I should really learn to knit two socks at the same time.

So yeah, my life is really boring right now.

I think I need a new moodtheme.


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